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Posted on Thursday, 15 March 2012 @ 01:11 with 1 comment(s)


Assalamu'alaikum .
I'm so lazy to do any entry . But , I'm bored and this is the only way to get rid of that feeling-y . Lol-ed . Nah , I'm using english . omo . What happen ? Well , I'm trying to improve my english :)

Yaaahh , you look . Times flies so fast . 3 more days left before I need to wake up early and go to school and know my topical test's marks . And all I can say now is whutttt ? 3 more days ? Okay , I'm not ready . I'm still enjoying this awesome school holiday . Oh whut now , I thought I've completed all my homework but . sobsue , I forgot about my science work ._______.

Hihik , look at my own made doodle . what's your opinion about it ? well , not as cute or as pretty as other people's doodle but yeah , at least I've tried my hard to make it .  and I'm satisfied with it :D mua-ha-ha-ha . okay , I should really stop laughing like that .______.

To be honest , i was quite upset about Yoseob doing a duet with Eunji . but i don’t hate her or anything . its just that , erm i guess I’m quite paranoid ever since he became my number 1 bias . ya know , the way Yoseob look at Eunjie was like .____. urghhh , can't say that .  but yeah , I should try shipping them if they really together , one day .

Eheh , I'm jealous actually . Muahahahaha xD

Blogger Ayu Sarah said on 15 March 2012 at 01:20 

haha,saya pun macam tak percaya sekolah dah nak setart.

btw,comel doodle tu :)

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