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Hi hello hi hello. Assalamu'alaikum. Lol annyeong there. I just finished designing this not-so-cool blog. Eww eww look at what I've done. haha but actually, this kind of blog is the reason why I love blogging. u.u it's a long story so yeah, I better shut up and just continue. Ok first of all, I want to mention that I am really really really sorry for not posting any entries here. Jeongmal mianhae. u.u These are the reasons;

Regarding this big year, CHECKPOINT is making its way right to me and it is really frustrating me up. Firstly, we, batch 99', is the first checkpoint batch in MJSC Batu Pahat. oh my god we are the first IGCSE batch ugh ugh. So we, have to be a good example for the next generation. lol. And most of us like, never know what type of questions could probably pop out in the exam or how does it feel or what will happen if we failed and so on so on. I couldn't resist my feelings; yeah nervous plus scared. I, still didn't get the bayangan on how my future will be. And that, makes me stress. ;_;

Secondly, I don't know why, but I am still searching for the 'real' me. na mean? With some people, I'm cold boring unfriendly awkward type. But with some others, I'm happening friendly cheerful. molla WHAT IS GOING ON WITH ME. Like, I need a real actual me. A permanent me. And I don't know which one is my real attitude and which one is the fake one. Aish, and truth be told, it affects my mood. It affects my surrounding. Sincerely, I prefer being the positive one. No sadness, no boring-ness (?), no dullness. Everything is just fine and happy. Hmm hmm okay Alia, keep on sighing. 

Okay I guess that's all for today. Oh I have finished some of my homework *proud*. Now, I need food ._. 
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