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It's hurt.
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Tonight I'm not so sure why, but I've been feeling a little sad. I feel like crying my eyeballs out. No, nothing bad happened. It's just that I met harith at mall tadi, and I just remember back all memories of me and my old buddies. I feel so nostalgic. I miss you people. I miss having best friends. I miss having you crazeh monkeys that were always with me. You people that I truly truly love and cherish.

But sometimes I feel like I am the only one yang always want to meet you all back. I feel like sigh I don't know. I just miss 2012. I miss semestib. I miss KRK-ians. 

Actually I, don't have any true best friends at MRSM. I don't have any. I don't have that one friend that will always tell me I'm great. I don't have that one friend that will always with me, in easy and hard situations. I don't have that one friend, that will laugh with me. Cry with me. Gossiping with me, going out, watching movies together, hang out. I feel invisible. Truth be told, I need best friends. That will hold my hands, prevent me from falling. That will succeed together with me. I miss you people than you'll ever know. ;-;
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