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The Innocent Man.
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Assalamu'alaikum hai.

Oh em gee I could just faint if someone like Joong Ki-ssi told me tht he loves me. ;-; sobs why does someone like him must exist why why sigh. He's just, ugh who doesn't want to be his future bride? Who doesn't want someone charming, clever good-looking like him to be a father to her children? Pft I've always wanted someone like him to exist in my life. My reality of life. Song Joong Ki, 송중기. ,saranghae oppa saranghae saranghae saranghae saranghae saranghaeyo.
  • Good looking ; He won Ken of The Year awards in 2011.
  • Good in sport ; When he was in junior high school, he competed at the national level for short track speed skating. He represents Daejeon and won a lot of awards.
  • Have an excellent brain, clever guy ; He garnered straight A's for his examination. He even won an award for perfect attendance, and was the student body president.
  • Rich ; His parents sent him to a lot of classes like acting class etc.
  • Doesn't smoke nor drink.

Till we meet in my next post. Tata, assalamu'alaikum. xoxo, SJK's wifu.
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