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Sometimes I feel like I'm battling wif my own self. My head says A but my heart says B. I don't really know which one should I follow. I feel ; nothing. Sincerely, I hate having this kind of feeling cause for me, if I feel that way, it's the same like I don't have Allah, to hear my story, my grieve, my sadness. So slowly, I try. To believe in myself. To put my full trust in Allah. I told myself,  'Alia, you still have Allah. He's always there for you' , and I trust in everything that Allah has planned for me. I put all my effort to keep my beliefs.

I always hope that every single day, I will spend more time for reading Quran, pray and doing good deeds more than the time that I'd spent for twitter, tumblr, facebook, blog etc. I always hope that I will eventually be as good as aisyah shakirah. Gives da'wah, motivations to others. But somehow, people around me keeps give me negative comments, they keeps on creating conflicts and problems. And from there, I just understand why Jannah is so expensive. I just hope, every single person that I know in this world will together be in Allah's paradise. I hope, Allah will prevent us, save us from the torment of the grave, and from the horrible and dreadful Jahannam. amiin.
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