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I'm not strong enough to face all this. I wish I could just burst everything out but my tears don't seem like rolling down my cheeks and I have no idea why. My heart, it's crying. I can feel it. I can feel the loneliness. I can feel the tears. I hate having this kind of feeling. I just, ugh I don't have any confidence to face it. I feel like running to Korea, start a new life. Yes, I want to fly to a place where nobody knows who I am. Where no one knows my life history. I want to be more friendly. I want to be more hardworking. I want to be more happy. My heart says it's hurt living in this situation. My heart says it's hurt having this feeling. My heart says it's hurt being alone. My heart says, I need to live my life. My heart says, I need to go back to Allah.

I wish I could ignore all those social judgement. I wish I could screw those negativity, and chase those dreams. I wish I could untangle myself, get out from the trap that I've created. I want to clear my mind and set my thoughts free. Escape from your own shadow Alia, be brave, don't shrink.

You deserve to be happy Alia.

Good luck.
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