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Hey there. I am planning a special surprise for my bestest friend ever, Nur Syamimi bt Amin :) I actually keep this blog at a private mode so that, no one, not even a creature, can read nor know my plan muahahaha. So hmm in order to accomplish this mission, I will spend a eheh just a small amount of money to set this plan ready. I want to buy her a cloth yeah. I don't have a lot of money to buy something expensive and branded. I'm only able to spend a little amount of money to buy a cloth. I wish to buy her a muslimah-korean shirt. haha sounds weird :| but yeah.

I know this one place, that sell cute clothes but still, is covering our aurah :) 

I feel bad actually :( because Mimi would always buy me something whenever she go somewhere and I rarely have anything to give her as reply. So since it was her belated birthday ; 9th May ; and we'll hangout this Saturday, my brain suddenly pops out an excellent brilliant idea. Now, I just hope that this plan will run smoothly and easily. O' Allah, please let it all ease and smooth. I just want to set a perfect, special belated surprise for my one and only trusted best friend. Amiin. Hm I hope Bazla will spend some time to join us too act. :)
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