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The handsome wolf.
Posted on Saturday, 1 June 2013 @ 14:09 with 0 comment(s)

Assalamu'alaikum and hi ebelibadi.

So um, I've been watching the werewolf boy recently and I cried yeah :pp hm actually I hate wolves. I just can't help myself from not liking that animals. Because of some factors, I cant adapt myself with that thing-y. I dont hate them, I just cant get along with them ._. and I just finished watching a korean movies that sedikit sebanyak ada pasal wolf. song joong ki is in the movie. He is the main actor. He's the wolf in that freaking awesome movie so err I feel awkward at first, nak tengok cerita tu but then I gagahkan diri. hmm *angguk*

Truth be told, I envy song joong ki a lot ._. he's already in his late 20s but still look like a high school student. He's also prettier than women. He does really take good care of his skin and his lips hmm merah. Like, even most of my friends pun doesn't have a red lips ok. And he's clever, ramai peminat, kulit dia pun putih gilos. So Im a bit shy lah actually, nak tengok dia in drama/ movie but well :pp hehe he's just too cute to be ignored.

Note to song joong ki;
Oppa, please teach me how to take good care of my skin. I seriously want a beautiful and flawless skin like yours. Teach me how to get straight A's in my examination, how to skate and how to be a friendly dude. I sincerely want to meet you face to face and have a chit chat w you but I know, it'll never happen :pp xoxo, your number one fan.
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