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Hello hi hi.
I need to pack my stuffs so unfortunately this post won't be long. So, pejam celik pejam celik, hari ni dah masuk 14th of August. Look how fast time flies. We're already in the second week of holiday, like woah. And haih, exam is just around the corner. I've been trying to do my revision since last Saturday but it's just too hard for me to memorize anything, especially Sejarah. Oh my god please I hope the questions will be easy like kacang. But still, I will try to do my best. I need to get a better pointer, seriously. I disappointed my parents with my US1 Sem 2's result so I won't let "pisang berbuah dua kali". yeah.

So, for those who are facing a big examination this year, like UPSR, PMR, SPM. and err for an IGCSE course; CHECKPOINT, I'm wishing you the best of luck. Do your best. Screw negativity, and chase those dreams. You are the one who creates your success. No one else can do it for you. No one else can change you. As long as what you're doing is right, go for it. Seek Allah's help. Double your effort for it with all your strength and capacity, faith and sagacity :) ehehe. Anyway, I watched Aiman Azlan's video on why we shouldn't cheat on exams. It inspires me in many ways. 4:05 till the end is my favourite part.

'You did not earn that A fair and square, that you cheated in your exams. And then seeing your parents happy, for something that's not even real to begin with. Think about it.'

p/s: he's mine :b

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