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Final Semester 2013
Posted on Friday, 6 December 2013 @ 22:59 with 0 comment(s)

Hello and annyeong guise.

It's been awhile since I last posted a new post. Sorry. I know it's already too late for me to tell the world about my final sem's result but who cares kan ((flips hair)). Alhamdulillah, I can't believe I got 3.8 like, I was hoping for 3.7 but syukur Allah gave me more than what I hoped for. I got penghargaan pengetua weh haha. It means, next year I'll get to attend the 3.5 dinner and get a certificate yippie. And I am very grateful for getting 3.74 for le' tpng. It ain't an easy thing to acquire fuh alhamdulillah I don't know how to express my gratitude to those who've helped me all this while. Arigatou.

((here is the print screen of my result))

Anyways, I bought a lot of new things for 2014 school session. And I'll be getting a new spectacles soon yeay. 2013 has come to an end. It was a tough year for me as I took the checkpoint examination this year. A lot of bittersweet memories created and I've learned on how to stand on my own feet. Next year will be a hard year for me too, because of the PBSMR like damn, I don't even know it's full format and all. Batch 99 will also learn full f4 and f5's biology, chemistry and physics. And not to forget, addmaths. Fuh, I feel like fainting just by listing it all. Belum merasa lagi tu peh.

I've been searching for this book everywhere but sobs haven't found it yet. I really want this book like srsly I want it so bad. Oh please. John Green is one of my favorite author ever and this is his latest book and I WANT IT. ((crey crey))

Front Cover

I'll be updating soon. Well, maybe about my new year's resolution and stuff. I know it won't have a lot of difference than those previous years" but in shaa Allah, next year I'll do my best to tick all the empty boxes and change into a better person. Adios.

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