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Assalamu'alaikum and annyeong.
Okay it's my second post for today but whatever no one will ever bother to care hahahahaha pft. 

Y'know, today is my last day for me to rest under the blanket, feeling all cozy and stuff because I'll have to go back to maktab tomorrow which is not something I'm looking forward to, well excluding my utter excited feeling about my exam result. Hmm people might be questioning why do I really like talking (or writing) about examination and stuff. Frankly speaking, because that's the only thing I like 'bout my school. Study, yes. I do that for my parents tbh. And yeah, this might be weird but I've never felt all fascinated or engrossed to love and relationship idek why. It's not that I have no interest towards boys it's just that, maybe this isn't the right time, no aniya.

(Oh my god, I wrote too long for the first paragraph) 
Anddddd yeap, I should be grateful I guess. Because Allah let nothing to distract me whilst I'm still a high school student. Alhamdulillah. So this will be easier for me to distant myself from zina and everything that might bring disgrace to me myself and my family. 

Lol idek why I brought that matter up pft. I should go now. Jya.

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