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((basically how I feel about exo))

Assalamu'alaikum and hello hi hi.
Okay it's kinda unnecessary to talk about exo, because I got some more important things to do but well, I HAVE TO because I CANT STOP SPAZZING OVER THEM AND IT'S DRIVING ME CRAZY. I got too attached to them and y'know I'm regretting it. I shouldn't have done that like srsly, I'm just fifteen I have so many things to think about, studies school activities exams conflicts etc and exo is trying to poison my mind to fangirl them and wth I don't want to tbvh bc they've got too much fame and fortune they don't even need me but oh I should stAhp.

I should stop liking them because I know they'll never know me nor my existence and I know I will never meet them in real life I'll just be a dumb and hopeless fangirl waiting for miracles to happen but ugh tbvh I can't stop fangirling over them because they're too fab and stupendous and adorable I JUST CANT- ugh okay cut it off. 

Let's move to our next topic; okay. Alhamdulillah excluding kh, I got an A for all subject alhamdulillah I couldn't be any more happier yehet yehet ohorat. Thanks to Allah, I could cope with the stress yeay. I just hope my science and addmaths result will be as good as the others, amiin. I really wish to acquire 3.85, at least. And yeah, I'll try my best for the upcoming examination too which will be held in April I guess. In shaa Allah, let's just do the best and pray to achieve the best!

Anyways, daddy said we might visit Korea at the end of the year, if Allah wills. Ofc, I'm looking forward to it because it has been my dream to visit that country (hoping to meet exo tho but hhahahaahahahahahahahahahahaha no) and yeah, I can't wait for the end-year-school-holiday.


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