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Assalamu'alaikum and annyeong. Hi there.

Ok ((take a deep breath)), well, April wasn't really exciting nor splendid. It is one of the worst month I've encountered with. I was distraught with fear and was dumbfounded with the sudden change of almost everything. Including me myself. I bluffed too much, I acted as if it was okay to get hurt when deep deep in my heart, I felt reluctant and indecisive. Too many things happened. And I don't think there's even remedy to these situations, except for Allah's help.

I fought a lot, with my old-best-buddies. They put the blame on me, they told me I've changed literally a lot. They said I abandoned them for someone better and they stayed away from me. They don't even smile nor talk to me. We are like strangers now, strangers with memories. I don't know what to do to reassure myself. I know that I should have the tendency to seek forgiveness from them and acknowledge my own flaws and mistakes. But I've done a lot to them, and they never appreciated it. I feel like I'm all done with these dramas and conflicts. I don't wanna get involved ever again. Enough is enough. And so, I let it be.

((There's a lot more dramas happened but I don't have any mood to write it here. Let it just be a secret because by remembering it, I'll feel more offended and annoyed with everything and everyone.))

Examination oh wow. Just by saying it makes myself shiver. My latest examination result wasn't really satisfying. I feel quite disappointed with myself and I secretly promised myself to struggle more and acquire an even better result. In shaa Allah, with doing an adequate exercise and seek for Allah's help, everything's going to be alright. Everything won't be a disaster. Wish me luck!


Anyways, I've been stalking this cute form 4 student at my school. He's a new guy, looks quite stern and unfriendly but lol who cares, he's cute tho. And clever, and rich. He is very excellent in studies and badminton. Lives in the capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. Has a very flawless skin, and oh god, he has this adorable blur face ugh for serious he captured every girl's heart with that face and pft, he got a lot of secret admirers ((which will be hard for me to flirt him ahahaha jk)), oh and he is very squishy I tell ya! He kinda looks like kyungsoo plus jungkook oh my god he was sent to take my breath away, I bet.

The best part is, I'm going shopping with my gorgeous aunties tomorrow yeay.
Ok, that's all for now. The clock has already struck 12. Adios evelibadi.

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