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Assalamu'alaikum and hi people.

I've been living with misery and lemons that was sponsored by life. And I'm pretty sure I am now living in the teenage life people have been talking about. Full of conflicts, flowers of love and bittersweet life. Things we can never experience again in the future or during our childhood. Despite of those stuff, this is the time where we make our choices, and we ought to choose it wisely because there'll be no turning back of time. Our future might be appealing but it might also be appalling. And you won't believe it's all depends on those choices we made now. So choose. Wisely.

It was all dumbfounding. The way thing changes, some from bad to good and some from good to bad. People that were once important in my life have been like strangers to me. And those who I thought were my foes have became my friends. Something I didn't expect to happen, happened. 

Out of the blue, I got a number of secret admirers. And crushes (ehem). But I don't take it serious because I know it's not love, it's just hormonal. Teenagers with hormone raging is common so, yeah, I told myself it's better to disregard those feelings rather than get myself involved with something unnecessary. I don't want to disappoint my parents, and in shaa Allah I won't. It's the peak time of people making love, but I need to go to the peak mountain and pursue those dreams. So that I won't regret stuff in the future.

Reality isn't a beautiful place,
Problems are roaming around us always,
Can't promise you that life is all about rainbows and butterflies,
But if we work for it maybe the darkness,
Will soon dwindle,
Let the shine through,
Let the past fade,
For a brighter, happier days.

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