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Happy 40th post!
Posted on Friday, 6 June 2014 @ 00:20 with 0 comment(s)

Eheyy assalamu'alaikum and hello guise.
{Yeay it's my 40th post! I shall receive an award hehe ok no, I'm kidding.}

Oh hey it's me again, (eh who am I talking to), it's June oh god WOW. I can't believe 2014 almost come to an end. And ey, guess what, I have new resolutions and determinations. Well it might sounds childish and such but observations have been made and it shows that people with a higher determination will have a higher chance on being successful as they're more hardworking than those lazy bums who love to procrastinate and don't have any aim in their life. So the conclusion is, you should have a vivid imagination of your future, aim for what you want and pursue those dreams. We all can do it, if God wills it.

Alright, lemme jot those oh-not-so-interesting-resolutions down hehe.

  • Always, always and always make sure the locker is always (once again) clean. This is very essential because a neat and clean surrounding will give you positive vibes.
  • Basuh baju twice a week. First round, school uniforms and stuff. Second round, baju kurung prep and tudung ke whatsoever lah.
  • Riadah at least 3 times a week. (suggestion: sunday, tuesday and wednesday)
  • Puasa sunat every monday and thursday.
  • Bring a bottle of water during school days, prep, etc.
  • Follow your prep schedule (will make one later), study with qis, manthira or aisyah. Jangan skip, Allah Maha Melihat. ps this is for prep malam.
  • Complete your homework. Jangan abandon diorang, ps this is for prep petang.
  • Banyakkan beristighfar, don't waste your energy for smthg crap like berbual kosong or whatsoever.
  • Every night before tidur, WAJIB iron the school uniform, baju for prep and (if perlu) baju riadah. Not to forget, tudungsss.
  • Every saturday, kiwi your shoes okay ok ok.
  • Try your best to not sleep in the class. It's rude, utterly rude and you won't get any knowledge pun if you sleep. SO, DON'T DO IT EVER AGAIN.

Oh wow, I succeeded to impress my own self with the long lists. God, gotta jot it down anywhere later so that I won't forget those.

And actually the last one yang pasal tidur tu I can't promise myself that it won't happen. Especially during physics! Oh my god, I did try my hard to not sleep okay! I really did! But idk, the temptation keeps dragging me in. And it's seriously hard to resist. Especially if you didn't get the essential sleep you need kan, and yes I don't actually since I live in the hostel sooo yeah, faham faham je lah. 

That's all for now. May Allah make it all ease and smooth. I wanna be the best so obviously lah I need to give the best of me kan.
So bye. 

Count your rainbows, not your thunderstorms, and keep on walking. - Aisyah Shakirah.

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