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Hey hello there. I'm going back to the prison tomorrow and guess what, I'm not ready for school. I'm not ready to go back to a place filled with people I don't like, people who I like but are jerks to me, high expectations and pressure. And I'm not ready to know my sem 1 result. No. Ugh how I wish I could run from all this, free my mind from those absurd thoughts, set my foot away from those attention seekers and bitches. Because seriously, they're driving me crazy. And I don't like it, or should I say, I abhor it, and yes, so damn much. I hate it so damn much.

But no matter how hard I try to stay away from school, I can't. I just can't. It's still my responsibilities to gain as much knowledge as I can as a student. I can't disappoint my parents. They've done and sacrificed a lot for me, so I need to retort all loves they've gave me. And it can only be done by giving them good marks, good results. I realized that I still have a long journey to be like Aisyah Shakirah. She's too good, too gorgeous and, haih idk, she's just too awesome. And I'm just too different from her. Same thing goes to Damia Bahri, a-law-to-be in shaa Allah. She's beautiful, and full of confidence. When you look at her, you'll feel like 'wow this girl is really smthg.' What 'bout me? I wonder what people really think when they look at me. Will they compliment me, or will I get spitted with negative comments and thoughts, oh god I don't know.

Okay bye.

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