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Study Tips : God of Study
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If you're the type yang memang liat bebenor ya ampun nak belajar, don't forget to praise Allah for letting you to encounter this page. Full of study tips, memang berguna inshaAllah. And if you have an ample of time for leisure, I suggest you to open your laptop & watch this utterly amazing korean drama. Very useful for those who are searching for courage to study sebab drama ni memang totally great! Serious. Dijamin. Tajuk: God of Study. (ewah promote sekejap)

" I think it is not that bad to study hard for only one year "

Study Tips from God of Study :
  •  When you're studying, only books, notebooks and pen on your desk.
  •  Stay away from internet or gadget because they're monsters that will destruct your study.
  •  When you're studying, no headphones, earphones or in short, no music. Only your voice heard.

How to get perfect score in your exam :
  •  Do not be lazy before the test done.
  •  Work on exam questions continuously until you get bored ( use many methods to solve the problem )
  •  Constantly memorize until you fall asleep ( your brain have the ability to review the things you've learned until you fall asleep and do your best to memorize as much as possible ) 
  •  Sleep well. Do not sleep less than 6 hours.

Secret of learning Math :
  •  Mathematics is the multiplication table, so to answer questions quickly without thinking, have a basic instinct to Math.
  •  Remember basic formulas. 
  •  Remembering and continuing work on the problems till you get bored.

Secret of learning foreign language ( used to study English subject ) :
  •  Memorize as many words as you can ( be a fool )
  •  Hold yourself, understand about the appropriate vocabulary skills that we have, mark the things you don't understand.
  •  The answer is always hidden in the question, and take a closer look at the question.
  •  During exam, don't be show off with bombastic or sophisticated word to impress your examiners but use the right grammar without error. That's the important thing.

Secret of learning subject full of facts (Biology, Physics, Chemistry, History etc) :
  •  Make a "Memory Tree" with different color.
  •  Flash card which have question and answer.

Overcoming nervousness during exam :
  •  Methods to overcome nervousness during exam
21 days before the exam, get used to sleeping that well. Sleep well and always fresh all the time is that the best treatment.

  •  Daily schedule
Learning will become a part of you. All your life, learning will become part of the daily schedule. Trials / test will be conducted periodically on schedule. Important needs that we have to do this, it will help us learn with efficiently and build our confidence.

  •  The impression left in the study
During a break, think about the test scenario. Imagine you are undergoing the test. Good also if you look at the examination hall before the exam begins. Do not let the new environment affects you making stupid mistakes just because you're nervous. 

  •  Self-confidence in what you have prepared so, study study study and study.

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Tips belajar tambahan bagi pelajar Islam :
  •  Sebelum belajar, niat bahawa aku belajar ini kerana Allah S.W.T.
  •  Kalau hilang fokus masa belajar, berwudhuk dan solat sunat.
  •  Utamakan seruan Allah S.W.T.. 

Jadikan solat sebagai terapi diri selepas penat belajar. Imam Ghazali ada mengatakan bahawa :

" Orang yang menyahut seruan azan dengan serta merta meninggalkan segala urusan untuk menunaikan solat berjema'ah, di akhirat kelak, dia akan dijemput oleh Allah S.W.T dengan penuh lemah-lembut dan menjadi tetamu-Nya. "

  •  Membaca doa dan berwudhuk sebelum mula belajar.
  •  Tak lupa membaca al-Quran walau sesibuk mana pun kita.
  •  Kalau terbangun malam, solat tahajjud, sunat & taubat.
  •  Usaha dan tawakal. Bukan usaha je, bukan tawakal je. Mesti dua-dua complete okeh.

Full credit: Kak Nblh

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