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Great disappointment.
Posted on Thursday, 11 September 2014 @ 05:21 with 0 comment(s)

Silly me.

I failed to acquire straight A's for my trial. I failed, and I am not happy. Hey am I that stupid? What has happened to me? What distracted me from getting a perfect score? What have I done? Where has the old me gone to? I AM TOTALLY DISAPPOINTED WITH MY OWN SELF. My parents went to see the teachers during Academic Day and their comments were exactly same,

"I was expecting your daughter to get an A."
"What happened to you, Alia?"
"You were one of the students that I targeted to receive an A. But you got a B."
"Careless mistakes, Alia. Do not be overconfident."

Both of my parents were utterly upset with my current achievement. They are hoping for me to stay for the upcoming years. I am their hope. And I'm not gonna deny that I've started to have that soft spot for Batu Pahat actually deep deep down somewhere in this little fragile heart of mine. I know I'll be missing everyone when they're gone. After all, it's the nature of humans to value the things they have only after they've lost them. It's sad, really. I know that I shouldn't put the blame on my surrounding, neither on other people. I should have the tendency to acknowledge my own flaws. My own fault. Ya Allah what am I going to do?

There's no use of complaining if I have no efforts. I'm going to study hard. Make prayers and du'a. I believe that everything that you give, you get back. Giving up is not what Prophet Muhammad SAW taught us. There's no giving up in the dictionary of Islam. Let bygones be bygones. You can do it Alia! Have faith in Allah, in yourself. In shaa Allah, ameen.

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