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Prison no more.
Posted on Friday, 14 November 2014 @ 06:58 with 0 comment(s)

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Assalamu'alaikum hey hey hello there.
Hip hip hooray! I'm out of prison and yep, I am literally happy. I feel a perfect serenity and idk, it feels good to be away frm school. It feels good to finally hv an ample of time to spend with your family, and novels. Because this year's schooling period, is the definition of hectic. Totally. 

I'm not going to deny that I've changed a lot this year. I don't feel like I am me anymore. Like, everything that happened has turned me into someone new. New personalities and new attitudes. Maturity hits me along with puberty. (Well I guess it's not that bad after all.) I've learned that if you can't make lemonade out of lemons that life handed to you, you better go find someone to learn how to make one. And I've also learned that, no matter what, ppl will always judge you. That's why pleasuring Allah is much easier than pleasuring humans. Humans are full of demands. You can't satisfy everyone. It's an undeniable fact and yes, I think that elucidates everything. 

Anyway, today was kind of productive, I guess. 
I didn't stay under my cozy blanket all day and surf the internet endlessly like what I always do for every hols. I read 'If I Stay' (which is kind of interesting.), and cleaned up my room (hooray) and downloaded some songs, um.  I did some tumblr and twitter stuff and uh, yeah. That's all.

I've got a long list of things to do during hols, including studying. My father keeps on insisting that I should spend my time wisely and do some revision as a preparation for next year's IGCSE examination. (Oh god, another big exam.) But well, I guess I do need to prepare earlier. I need to pass the examination with flying colors because the exam itself costs a lot of money. And the thoughts of making my parents proud and happy with my result somehow intrigues me, which is one of the things that boost my spirit up.

I guess that's all for now. See ya on my next post!

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