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I've realized that in this 15 years of me breathing on the world of Allah, I have been so ungrateful, so churlish and so disrespectful to my Lord, Allah the Almighty. Astaghfirullahal'azim. I wasn't a good muslimah nor khalifah, and still am. I want to change my way of life, everything I'm doing & will do, insyaAllah will be according to the Sunnah & Qur'an. I will check my intentions, nawaitu & always make sure that my connection to Allah is never weak. And by doing that, if Allah wills it, my habbluminannas will also be protected by Allah.

I am now realize that all those grieves, sadness, melancholics & distraught feeling, (void as well) have ebbed little by little as the time goes by, and all that happen with the help of Allah SWT. Alhamdulillah, I've always thought that my solace can be found by doing things that pleasure the human beings, but Allahu, I've totally forgotten that the only & eternal tranquility can be found by the remembrance of Allah. Ya Rabb, how can I be so blind to all those signs You've put in front of my eyes? How could all this while I denied Your mercy?

Hey you there, yes you, the one reading this rn, let's all seek forgiveness from Allah for all sins we've done under all circumstances. The world is getting old, and we've got only plenty of time left to perform good deeds, to collect barakah & pahala from Allah SWT. And I'm not creating this up, all ppl in the social networks have been chattering about the news of the signs of the last day (which is Qiyamah) that could not be any more obvious. With what happens in Syria & Gaza, and those fitnah bombing our ulama', astaghfirullah, dengan flood dekat Malaysia lagi. Let's together seek Allah's Jannah. And may He shower every single one of us with His endless barakah and rahmat. Amiin ya rabbal'alamin. Ma fi qalbi ghairullah. Allahu akhbar :) 

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