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Goodbye 2014.
Posted on Tuesday, 30 December 2014 @ 02:06 with 0 comment(s)

Hey hello there hi, assalamu'alaikum.
Today's 30th of Dec, which means we have 1 day left to cherish 2014. As for me, 2014 has been the toughest year in my life so far, hectic as well. Y'know, I've been devoting this whole year doing, learning & searching for something new. Lethargy engulfed me everyday, physically & mentally. Along with struggling for PT3, I also met new buddies & be friends with quite a lavish group of people. But well, my friend circle is still quite small (maybe because I am quite cerewet in defining someone as my friend. Most of them are just acquaintance). Cerewet ya, bukan memilih. 

I have to agree that this world is full of intricate people. And as we grow up, we experience a lot of new things, discover more about the globe we're living in & encounter a lot of people with different personalities. This world is undoubtedly massive but tiny as well. I have learned a lot of exciting facts & calculations but my knowledge is actually very little, I think if I have to compare with Allah's knowledge, I've only acquired like, 1 over 100,000,000,000 or less. And as I walk further from my comfort zone, I realize that this world actually contains a lot of brilliant, talented people which makes me feel small, literally small. You see, the world has a number of prodigies but geniuses, are hard to find. So don't just learn, but explore as well. You'll gain something that is not taught in school. (try to gain new experiences juga) That's how you make yourself special & different. Everyone can get an A in their exam but not everyone can be successful in life. 

So yeah, I am not going to deny that I am looking forward to 2015 with one specific hope, which is to be a better person. I am totally riveting with the idea of being successful not only in the Dunya, but also in the Akhirah. What I aim is to tighten my relationship with Allah SWT & pursue my dreams. I wish to be like those successful people that I admire & constantly stalk every single day (opps hehe), which are Kak Aisyah Shakirah, Ariif Zainal & Qadri Hanafi to name a few. And of course, I'm hoping to be just like my ultimate idol, Prophet Muhammad SAW. Ya Allah, if only I have a decent personality like his. Allahu, that would be great & very very intriguing. 

Goodbye 2014,
Thanks for the memories.

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