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I don't envy girls with beautiful faces, those who got a lot of fame & fortunes from others. Not even an ounce of jealousy knocked this tiny fragile little heart when I see girls with a lot of fanboys nor secret admirers. I don't care about girls whose names are being mentioned by the boys, or to be more specific, ajnabi. 

But instead, I stalk someone who has a clean heart, does not swear & rarely use any filthy words in her everyday life. I envy artistic and creative & brilliant girl. I love looking at girls who wear tudung labuh & loose clothes. I enjoy stalking girls that are impervious to criticism & does not judge other people. Someone who doesn't care about what boys thought of her, as long as she's fulfilling what Allah asks her to & leaving what Allah has forbidden. I envy a girl not because of her appearance, but  because of her cleverness, her demeanor.

I, Alia Nazihah, pledge to myself, to try my best & be a better person in the future for the sake of my family, my religion & my nation. I will cleanse my heart, be a righteous girl & respected by the boys. I will change & I promise to not chase fame and popularity. I want to change, and strive to be a good muslimah & khalifah of Allah. I will struggle to acquire straight A's in all examination, be a good student & wise girl. I'll avoid eye contacts with boys and will only talk to them if necessary. I wish to be like Kak Aisyah Shakirah & in shaa Allah, I will.

Saidatina Aisyah RA berpesan,
"Jangan kau berasa bangga dgn kecantikanmu sehingga kau dikejar jutaan lelaki. Itu bukan kemuliaanmu."

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