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Result PT3.
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Assalamu'alaikum and hello evelibadi.

Yesterday, 22nd of Decembar was the day of maybe happiness, or sadness for all form 3 students all over Malaysia. The day when all of us received our PT3 result that doesn't literally define one's cleverness but surely elucidate the struggles and hard works we've put in. 

I didn't really slumber that night, because I was totally nervous and my heart was shaking like there was no tomorrow. I can't close my eyes tight & my mind was constantly thinking about my result. So, I ended up sleeping at 4:30 or smthg in the morning and woke up at 7 (abc time tu). I took a quick shower, put on a blue abstract-patterned baju kurung and a beige-coloured wide shawl. We left home at 8, stopped at Nilai for breakfast, chit chatting a bit about how I felt and continued the journey. We finally arrived MRSM Batu Pahat around 11 & a half. Pft, a 3 hours journey that felt like 30 hours. I was totally scared and of course frightening to actually know the result. Met my addmaths teacher & she hold my hand, wishing me the best of luck. I was touched, so I nodded & quickly said thank you. I went to my class teacher. She smiled and handed me my result. Alhamdulillah, 8As 2Bs.

Not really something to be proud of, because I was hoping for straight A's but alhamdulillah I have no Cs nor Ds. My teacher told me there are no changes in grades. Those who acquired 80 and above, are the ones who receive As. Flattened enough to not cry but was quite disappointed I can't really smile. My parents' faces were hard to interpret. I wasn't sure either they were merry or melancholy. They congratulated me. My school has only 4 students who got straight A's and a lot of them have Cs and Ds. In the telly, they even interviewed those who got 8As 2Bs so I am totally puzzled and confused whether I am doing alright or vice versa.

I really don't know. Disappointed? Yes, I am. But as they say, you shouldn't dwell too much in your past. I still have SPM and IGCSE examination ahead. It's ok. I've done my best and hey, maybe it's not really something to brag about but surely isn't something shameful nor embarrassing. Don't burden yourself, Alia. It's not that bad. Everything happens for reasons. Maybe your SPM result will be totally da bomb and historical in your life. Who knows maybe that 2Bs is a sign for you to not brag yourself, and to avoid you from riya'. It can also be a motivation for you to strive for a better result. Don't be sad, dear self. Be strong, dear heart. Cheer up!

p/s: acting happy when my heart actually hurts to the max is my forte, so yeah.
p/s #2: totally in love with jooyoung & ken's faces.
p/s #3: idk, boys with braces are so damn attractive!

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