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Straight A's? Amiin.
Posted on Saturday, 20 December 2014 @ 07:45 with 0 comment(s)

Assalamu'alaikum and hello hi hey there.

Less than 48 hours left before the result of my hard works come out. How am I feeling? Truth be told, I am not sure myself. I am not that confident that I'll get a perfect grade for all subjects but neither am I feeling upset. I've done my best and whatever the result is, I'll still end up weeping my hearts out either because I am overload with happiness or haunted by the pang of grief and distraught. And yes, I will have to accept it with an open heart & acknowledge it. Well, my result may be appalling but it can also be appealing. Who knows what Allah has planned for me. But I'd rather pick the latter, tho. Because my parents' happiness means a whole world to me.

Anyway, I heard that the PT3 rumors about for an A, 80 is a must is not genuine. But I am not fully sure about it. I can do nothing to fix everything up. I just hope 22nd of December will be my best day in 2014. Please, I'm hoping for a miracle to hit me. I hope all my hard works and struggles will be payed, and that day will be nothing but happiness and a day full of smiling candidates. I just hope instead of disappointing kind of crying, my tears will define how euphoric I'm feeling. Ya Allah, please, let me acquire straight A's for PT3. 

And to be very honest, I am utterly nervous & tense & jittery. I can't focus on everything I do because the illusions of 22nd of Dec continuously haunts me. When I read, I can't fathom whatever the writer is attempting to tell the readers. When I'm studying, I feel like a doctor trying to affix broken electric cables (means I can't understand a thing). Whatever I do, eating, walking, talking, napping, drawing, I CAN'T CONCENTRATE. My fragile little heart is constantly beating at its fastest speed, I feel like exploding at any moment. (I end up reading Harry Potter bc it's enthralling story line smh managed to keep me spellbound & distracted) 

Oh, before I stop, whoever reading this rn, don't distance yourself from the Quran and sunnah. Kiamat is getting nearer as the day goes by. Never let Allah fade from your heart even for the shortest of time. Remember Him in whatever situation you're in & seek for His help and forgiveness at every single moment. May Allah bless everything we do & may peace be upon you, upon me, upon us all. Allahumasoli'ala Muhammad, wa'ala ali Muhammad.

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