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Annyeong 2015.
Posted on Monday, 5 January 2015 @ 09:26 with 0 comment(s)

Wow. Look at how fast time flies.

2014 has been a tough year, so yeah I hope 2015 will be much better & enjoyable. Hindrance, will still be encountered by every single one of us but I wish this year, I'll be much stronger than I was last year & that I won't give up easily and encounter everything with a big heart and a smile on my face. 2015 might be as precarious & as hectic as last year so heh, I'll try my best to not screw up. I guess I should be thanking 2014 for teaching me on how to be independent, how to not be too attached to anyone nor anything & the most important thing is, how to fend. InshaAllah, with Allah's help, I'll go through every obstacle, every trouble & tribulation without sighing. Amiin ya rabbal'alamin.

I've prepared a lot. The determination to be a better person, I guess it all starts with attitude. A good and decent demeanor. First thing to do is to tighten my bond with the Almighty, Allah SWT. Fulfill everything He told and stay away from anything illegal. So when your habluminallah is kept safe, if Allah wills it, you won't have to worry about your habluminannas. And yes, I will try my best not to fall asleep on classes (especially because this year I've got IGCSE exam to ace), focus on everything I do, complete the homeworks wholly & perfectly without any flaws nor blank spaces, always be on time & respect everyone despite the ages. Yang tua dihormati, yang muda disayangi. Ewah.

So yeap, I'm going to go through  this year jovially & wholly. (I know this is going to be very hard but) I'll try to be more optimistic & cherish every single moment and be happy. Be more benevolent, amiable, stay positive, confident andddddd tolerant. I know I won't be perfect enough to satisfy nor please everyone living on the globe but well, that's how this life works. We are made perfectly unperfect so it's our job to find what's special & be one of a kind. There's a quote that I really like.

Look at yourself as a color. You may not be everyone's favorite color but believe me, one day you'll meet someone who needs you to complete his picture.

Beautiful isn't it? 
Don't just say and hope you want 2015 to be a better year for you. Work on it. It's your life after all, so it's up to you whether to turn the year into a very nice & enjoyable year or simply to repeat the same old mistake and let the year be in a huge mess. The choice is yours to make. And remember, action speaks louder than words. Seek for Allah's help even for the smallest & simplest of thing. Because we won't know how long it takes for the simplicity to be a total duplicity. Good luck everyone! May you have a better year ahead.

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