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This year macam Shinkansen. Japan's bullet train. So. Fast.
And in a blink of an eye. We're already in the month of February. Simply, let's say, unbelievable?

It feels like just yesterday I was preparing for 2015's schooling period. New stuff, new determination & new demeanor. I don't care if ppl say new year new me is so not 2015 & lame & stuff blablabla but I am sure many of us entered 2015 with new hopes. Any kinds of hope. And I believe, whatever hope you had, it may have (even a little) connection to being a better person. The same thing applies on mine. I want to pass all examinations with flying colors, be actively involved in school activities & have a good connection of habluminallah & habluminannas.

I know, changing is always hard. But that is why success is not meant for everyone. Not everyone will get the ticket to a bright future. You'll encounter hardships, troubles & tribulations. But as long as you're breathing, you gotta be grateful because Allah has extended you the mercy of having another opportunity to try once again. It may be hard at first but man jadda wa jada. The ones who try will succeed. As for me, 2015 has been nice to me so far (smtms tu ada naughty juga, but that's just how this life works). A lot of things happened, good & bad things were compiled together to spice up my days. But keep in mind that everything happens for reasons. And don't just believe in it, find the reasons and keep your mind positive. 

My sixteenth birthday was superb & da bomb. I was pranked by some of my peeps, dapat presents (hehe) & beautiful wishes. Before Maghrib's adzan, one of my form 5 senior gave me a few slices of cake & almost everyone of my batch sang me a birthday song, dekat ds. Sumpah unbelievable. And guess what's crazier? PU Azman came to my school! Oh. My. God. Alhamdulillah, I am his number 1 fan & it was very unexpected & I GOT HIS SIGNATURE! Yeay me. 

Ok, so what I've learnt in this 1 month & a half of 2015 is, happiness is a choice. If you want to be happy, live your life to the fullest, take part in school activities & socialize with people. It's YOUR life so don't expect someone will come to you & sprinkle your life with happiness, NO. And one more thing, too much or too little of good things may bring you disaster. So just like what Prophet Muhammad PBUH has taught us, be modest in everything you do. Happiness doesn't mean you have to laugh all the time. It means you're living the life you love. Be happy in both Dunya wal Akhirah. Jangan happy kat dunia je tapi Akhirat ke laut. 

Good luck lovelies!

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