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Assalamu'alaikum lovelies!
I enjoyed March & April very much, like literally. I gained a lot of new information, encountered new experiences & met a lot of new people all over Malaysia. I went through these two months jovially & wholly and even tho dramas and bullshits happened but alhamdulillah, I managed to overcome my stress with ease.

I was chosen to visit UTM Skudai for a talk about high order thinking skill (HOTS) stuff which was a VERY VERY wonderful trip oh God I acquired some tips on how to be good in HOTS questions! And guess what, I went to MRSM Terendak for a public speaking (bm) competition. I didn't win anything but it doesn't really matter actually, because what's important is the valuable experience I got. Now I know how spine-chilling it feels to talk in front of a massive number of people, how the andrenaline flows & the challenging situation where you have to keep calm altho the butterflies in your stomach are literally active. Phew. Andddd, I visited MRSM Gemencheh for Nadwah Islamiah! Yeay for me! The camp was da boom. Nothing could describe how I feel about it. No metaphors could help me to define how amazing it was. The best part of all is, I gained new acquaintances. Or should I say, friends.

I learned that there are many amazing people in this world. That there are a lot of things to discover, to learn, to experience. Never think that you are smart enough, never ever reckon that you're the most perfect person ever alive because once you step out of your comfort zone, you'll realize how small, how weak & menacing you are. That people out there, are much more astonishing more stupefying than you are. And at times, you'll realize that you should start changing, you should turn over a new leaf & live a better life for a brighter future. The competition out there is outraging. Everyone seeks for success, and we could be a step ahead by doing everything 2 times faster than everyone else.

I'll update more inshaAllah.

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