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Choices Are Yours To Make.
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As a normal human being, I believe that every single one of us have something that we want, dreams & wishes we hope to achieve and our own definition of happiness that we would love to apply on our lives. We struggle to hit our satisfaction. We plan and pray for it to be a huge success. And when our plans are doomed, we blame everyone around us, we blame fate, we blame Allah. When actually Allah only wrecks our plans when He sees that our plans are about to wreck us. Because He loves us. We are deeply infatuated with this temporary worldly pleasures, until sometimes we forget that He was the one who created us and yet, we forget about His existence too.

Perhaps Allah is testing you with the happiness He showered the people around you with. To see if you will be happy for them and keep believing that you will get your share someday, or envy and wish bad things upon them. Keep praying and don't give up. What you give, you get back. Maybe not now, not here in this Dunya but in the Hereafter, who knows. Keep reminding yourself that everything happens with a solid reason. Pray, struggle and tawakkal to Him. Have faith that on one fine day, happiness will surely come to you. And beware of Istidraj, if you constantly do sins but Allah still showers you with happiness and wealth, you're in danger. 

Be positive. Forget all the negative things and people that try to bring you down and focus on improving yourself and be happy. You might not get everything that you want, but Allah always gives you everything you need. And remember, sometimes what you like is evil for you and sometimes what you despise might be good for you. Be grateful with what you have. Maybe today you hope that you would be better off dead when somebody out there just glad to know that they still have the chance to live. Maybe today you welcomed the birth of a new member in the family but somewhere out there, someone might be crying his eyes out knowing that his loved one had gone forever. Maybe today you achieved something that is beyond your expectation but on the other side of the world, someone might already gave up in themselves.

Have faith in Him. Keep on praying and struggling, good things will come afterwards insha Allah. Don't just focus on being happy, focus on making Allah happy. Believe me, pleasuring Allah is easier than pleasuring human beings. And once Allah is happy with you, you won't struggle to achieve the love of His creator anymore but strive to acquire His love instead. Be patient with the things that life spit at you. You may not like certain things that life offers you now, but later you'll realize why it happened that way. You just have to be patient to know the reason why.

Oh Lord, give me what's best for me and remove from my heart the love of everything that You do not love. 

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