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Hey there lovelies,

I hope you guys had a blast week because I did. I am literally happy and jovial bc I've succeeded to encounter this holiday by doing something productive and worthwhile. I did some revisions on every topic that I've learned for Chemistry, Biology and Physics (hooray!), acquired some cooking skills & scrumptious recipes from my nanny, watched korean dramas; who are you school 2015 (I literally love this drama!) & orange marmalade, vacation with le family, modified my room (I'm going for a tumblr-style-room), reread The Hunger Games, shopped for my eid attire, watched movies & bersengkang mata for running man marathon etc. Not much but at least, I'VE IMPROVED MAN. I did something beneficial during the hols and I can't believe it. Alhamdulillah.

Anyway, Ramadhan is just around the corner. I believe everyone is preparing to celebrate this holy month. Frankly, I actually have this pang of nervousness I don't know why, and excited as well. I hope this Ramadhan manages to get me closer to the Almighty and prevents me from doing evil. Remember Alia, Ramadhan isn't like other mediocre months you've encountered, it's a very special month where yr reward will be doubled for every good deed that you do. Let's reduce our number of sins and strive to be a better muslim. May we have a better Ramadhan this year insha Allah. 

Oh, no. Time flies so fast and I bet no one is even an inch close to ready for school. Duh, 2 days left before I have to leave this comfortable & cozy surrounding & mesmerizing scent of home. How I wish time wouldn't fly so fast like hey, relax and take a calm pill. Have some sympathy for someone like me who isn't fully enjoying her hols yet & is wishing for the hols to be extended for another 2 weeks. But well, it's not gonna happen. Like they say, time and tide wait for no man. Time is gold. Never ever ever waste it over petty things. And let's face it. School is starting and IGCSE is just a few months away. I hope this semester will be an enjoyable one. Amiin ya rabbal'alamin.

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