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Random Tuesday.
Posted on Tuesday, 22 September 2015 @ 05:54 with 0 comment(s)

Dear blog,
Isn't it crazy how much a year can do? I would never think my life would turn this way a year ago. The fact that I've been breathing for 16 years itself, is mesmerizing. And it makes me thinking, how many years left for me to cherish every single moment with the loved ones. What should I do to make my life memorable, unforgettable.

In my belief, happiness is when you make other people happy. By lending a helping hand, making them laugh, appreciating their existence, spreading positive vibes and contributing to the society to make the world a better place to live. That's what I believe and truth be told, that's what I'm trying to do at this moment. I'm aiming for straight A* to make my parents happy, and ofc for my own future too. I want to be a pediatrician so that I could help all kids in this world, I'm craving for their smile & laughter. I'm trying my best not to speak much so that I won't hurt anybody's feeling. I want to witness Islam's victory in conquering the world once again. I hope I could.

"When Allah tests you, it's not because He wants you to be in pain, He tests you to make you stronger, to be able to fight any obstacle in your life. When you feel like giving up, do not give up, remember this is your test. A test you have to pass, nothing in life will come easy & that's why everything good demands pain & sacrification. If you're feeling down, remember life is full of surprise and I'm almost sure that a year from now, probably less, we'll all be living something we never thought would happen."

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