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I can't seem to put my mind into anything lately. Frankly, my result for mock igcse is appalling & terrible. I realize that my efforts should be doubled in order to acquire a better result but somehow I still can't fully concentrate on my studies. I envy my friends who can sit down for hours reading through tiny sentences & comprehending what the sentences meant. I envy my friends who could memorize everything that they've learnt and pour everything out in the exam. I envy my friends who could still excel in the exam although they didn't revise much while on the other hand, I am still struggling for an A. God, that's dangerous.

Alia, do not waste your time, energy and tears over petty stuff. Don't give up yet as the time is still ticking defining that you are not too late for a change. You can do it, double your effort a lil bit more and pray to Allah to ease everything for you. Make your parents proud, pay their love with success. Remember, action speaks louder than words. If you really want to acquire straight As in igcse, prove it. Man jadda wa jadda. Allah sees your struggles and believe that one day, it will be paid in the most unimaginable way. You're not alone, you have teachers & friends to help you, parents to motivate you & Allah to guide you. What matters most is your confidence. If you have faith in yourself, nothing can push you down. You are amazing, you can do it! C'mon, with bismillah, hiwigo!

((please pray for me))

Something worth sharing - I come to realize that we often get attached to temporary things, then wonders why our happiness never lasts. I found this on twitter & I hope it will lift your spirit up! 

"If you're sad, depressed or going through a heartbreak, please know that you're not alone. Take it easy & don't be too hard on yourself." 

Here's a thing - insecurities have always make me feel less confident about myself, shattering every bit of faith that I've built for so long. I don't like it & occasionally despising myself when I start comparing myself to what other people have. 

Here's another thing - instead of hoping for a better situation, I'm working on a better me.

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