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(a reminder for all of us)

Hey there assalamu'alaikum.
It's hard to believe how fast time flies. In just a blink of an eye, I've completed 4 years of being a high school student. Yas so many ups and downs, I met new acquaintances, gained new experiences wow (eceh over puloks sorry). I have to say, this year is the most tremendous year I've ever encountered (i think every year im telling the same thing but thats the truth). I may look quiet and someone told me I'm problem-less & stress-less but sorry to say that's not true. Everyone, every single person living on this globe has their own problems & struggles. I believe not a single human being's life is nothing but bliss & glory. Allah is fair.

A lot of things have changed. I gotta acknowledge my changes too. I've changed, a lot. (not my looks, i guess haha i still look like a nerd) I don't know whether it's from bad to good or good to bad or bad to worse or good to better. Maybe all of 'em contributed, maybe only some of 'em but I'm still struggling for a better me. As long as I'm breathing, I'll try. Like they say, make hay while the sun shines so yeah.

Oh anyway, I am officially a vice president for BADAR aka Badan Dakwah dan Rohani for '15/'16 session. God, that wows me a lot. But alhamdulillah Allah gave me more than what I hoped for. I'm holding a very huge responsibility, one of my legs is now in Hellfire. I'm a leader now (eceh ceh ceh) My aim is to apply amar makruf nahi mungkar in my everyday life but in a way that can be accepted by other ppl. Sebab there's one quote that really hits me hard, jika agama gagal menawarkan harapan, ia bukan dari agama. Faham dok? Islam ni bukan agama paksaan and nak tegur orang, kena berhikmah. Jangan buat sampai orang benci agama. Tengok cara Rasulullah berdakwah, he's the best role model ever.

p/s (1): homework banyak sobs tapi takpe sis tabah demi espiyem.
p/s (2): sis ghindu semestib tapi apakan daya, hanya doa yang mampu sis tembak kat diorang (takpe sis tabah pt.2)

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