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Truth be told, this world has become so scary that i no longer find it safe to be labelled as solace nor shelter. We often live under ppl's perception. We dress we walk we talk, work, study, everything to satisfy the insatiable desire of a creature called human. We want to look good, we want to be praised, we compete between whos more beautiful or who has the biggest and the most exquisite house, or who has the highest amount of paycheck. We fill the emptiness in our hearts with worldly things and we blame Allah whenever we feel sad or disappointed or for making things go wrong. When in fact we were the cause for all those things to go amiss. Remember, He knows everything while you know nothing.

Let me give you an analogy.
Let's say you have a gas tank, a big one. It should be used to be filled with gas, am i right? So if you put a jar of orange juice or 1000 or 1000000000000000000000000 jars of orange juice in it, will it be full? Yes but you can never use it afterwards. Sebab apa? Dah rosak. Because youre putting the orange juice into the wrong tank. The same thing goes to our hearts. It was created for Allah, alone. For us to fill it, with dzikir or the remembrance of Allah, with nothing but good deeds tht bring us closer to Him. But we filled it with our love to creatures, with this worldly life. So, in the end yr heart will be damaged. Why? Because it's not where those things should be at. This world and its whole content shld be placed on our hands so we can control our desires from going wild so why blame Allah for everything tht happened when you are the one in blame?

Sometimes (most of the times), we focus too much on pleasing the human beings. When our goal is actually to grab Allah's attention. To make our names constantly mentioned by the angels, and be popular among them. But most of us abandon it. 

Especially the girls. We're too busy feeling insecure & tryin to look fab and gorg until we forgot our real purpose on being here, in this world. We forgot how women in the time of Prophet Muhammad act in front of everyone, the way they speak or laugh or walk. Everything. Simply because we thought boys' attention is much more essential than Allah's blessings. Girls, we are allowed to have only a husband. I repeat, A HUSBAND. Singular. So whats the point of having so many boyfriends or secret admirers when in the end, we cld only choose one as a spouse. Yes, it's a woman nature when we want to feel loved and appreciated. But try, try to not easily give yr soul & body to boys. Because sometimes they just wanna test you, theyre just using you for their own benefits. For their dirty desires. Please take good care of yourselves. No boyfriends pls. Men eyes are like lasers tht cld penetrate every single curve of our body, oh for god sake, thts utterly dangerous (and creepy). Believe Allah when He says tht a good man is meant for a good woman and vice versa. You are the reflection of yr future spouse. 

So what are we waiting for? Lets start working on a better us. Get out of the trap tht youve created. You are beautiful. You dont need ppl's approval to believe tht youre special 💕

Ps: everything tht i wrote is actually a reminder for my own self too. Im a normal human being. I make mistakes and im trying to improve. Let us all change towards goodness. May Allah shower every single one of us with His endless barakah.
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