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Assalam alayk!

I came to realize that people nowadays rely too much on people's compliments & comments in defining someone's beauty. We tried so hard to be accepted, to feel confident & look spectacular in the eyes of people.

A lot of people think that they arent beautiful when no one compliment them or give them assuring words saying that they are pretty, cute, adorable etc. These kinds of people always, ALWAYS feel insecure about their appearance. & some will do anything to gain their confidence back by doing the wrong thing, or in the other word, doing something that is not according to the syariah. Doing plastic surgery, posting their selfies frequently, asking people to like/favourite all of their pictures & drop some comments, using autofollowers & autolikes just to tell the world that they are somekind of instafamous, a celebrity or something like that. This could somehow boost these ppl's self-confidence & self-esteem. It would be more assuring if the ones giving comments are yang berlainan jantina, well, opposite attracts right?

I am not saying that it is wrong, in fact, it's your life after all so why should i care kan. But as a girl, sometimes i do feel insecure about my appearance too & i know a lot of girls out there have the same problem. I believe some of them want to get out of the trap tht they have created & be free. If you think reading this post will bring u nothing but will only waste ur precious time, then it's up to you. You could press the 'x' button & go read Quran, do yr homework or do anything beneficial. Thats ok. The choice is yours to make ok :) ok so back to the topic. Feeling insecure is normal. Whats abnormal is when it controls u instead of u controlling it. Think again. Why are u doing all that? To please the humans? If so, u could never acquire what u targetted because humans are insatiable, we can never please everyone. Look. We have our own features that appear beautiful to the others. You might think a feature of yours is ugly but believe me, someone out there thinks it's magnificent. Expect the unexpected. Everyone has their personal opinion & you got yours too. No one, not even a person should feel insecure about their appearance. Because everyone was created by Allah, how on earth can u not be beautiful :))

But, dont just feel beautiful without wanting to improve. Tak elok juga kalau syok sendiri. If you have pimples yang terox, try your best to overcome the problem. If your hair is tangled & so out of place, fix it. If your body odour could make everyone vomit, find a way to take good care of your hyegiene. If everyone keeps calling you names because your body mass index (bmi) is not normal, go excercise & live a healthy lifestyle. Dont just sit down & do nothing except for crying because trust me, nothing will change if thats the best u can do. Instead, find someone who could help you, seek for their advice & ask for Allah's help. May Allah ease everything for us to achieve whatever that we want in life. Dont disregard your appearance because first impression comes from there. & dont be too overconfident about it or you'll disgust everyone around you.

Not only we should care about our appearance. Our grades, social & communication skill & akhlaq (demeanor) must also dititikberatkan. Because whats the point of being beautiful when you have zero manners, right?¿ & i believe beauty with brain is not something that everyone has so...you know what i mean kan 😅 start working your ass up!!! Nothing is free in this world &so does success. And! There are so many doors to success that it doesnt only come in one way. To some people, success means having a big house & decent cars, or high amount of salary every month, some think success is achieved when youre happy, or have a flawless skin, great body and so on. The definition of success is different for everyone. You should know what yours & start working on it. Jangan mimpi lah nak hidup senang if daydreaming is your everyday supplement & lazyness is your friend. No no 🙅

So whenever u feel insecure, jangan tgk social media. It will only make u feel worse. My suggestion: buka youtube & watch videos relating to syrians & palestinians or pasal gelandangan ke & kalau overconfident pula, look at those successful people, those billionare and most important, look at Prophet Muhammad PBUH, baginda dijanjikan syurga kot, lepak je. Plus, Baginda beribadah lagi banyak daripada kita to show his gratitude to the Almighty. Kita? Dapat lebih sikit, riyak ujub takkabur sana sini. Dahlah takmau tolong org lain, menunjuk nunjuk pula tu. Bila kurang sikit daripada org lain, dengki mendengki, santau orang tu, bomoh orang ni. Nauzubillahi min dzalik. May Allah potect us from these evil demeanor & from the torment of graves. One tips to always feel scared to commit sins is; ingat mati & azab kubur tu macam mana. Takut :"(( dahlah no second chance. Kalau kat dunia, gf or bf tak bagi second chance takpe, boleh cari lain. Kat kubur takde second chance nak lari mana?¿ Allahhhh, semoga kita sentiasa berada di kalangan orang orang yg diredhai amiin.

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