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Hey there, assalamu'alaikum!
I have been away for a long time, i know. A lot of things happened & oh, how i wish i could compile everything & thoroughly tell you about the adventures and experiences that I've been through since the past few months. Frankly speaking, i did not blog much because i was too busy with school stuff yknow preparing for spm, getting involved with school activities, graduation day & also (you might not believe this but-) i worked! At one of the kentucky fried chicken store located near my house. 

Ok, so yesterday, on the 16th of march 2017, we spm candidates of 2016 recieved our result & alhamdulillah i acquired straight A's!! Alhamdulillah i was beyond grateful with what Allah has given me. I was not expecting that to come! To those who has been asking about what i did until i succeeded to acquire such achievement, my answer would be; stop procrastinating& start working. We might not realize this but a lot of students (including me myself) often procrastinate when doing things. We procrastinate our time that should be spent for studying just to stalk your crush on instagram, update your twitter & playing games. We procrastinate our praying time & sometimes maybe (nauzubillah) tak solat langsung just because we have other "important" thing to do when the word hayya'ala solat hayya'ala fala clearly states that to be successful, you need to perform the salah. If you delay it, Allah swt could also delay you success. Just dont wait for miracles to happen, you need to create it. Hardwork, is one of the ways to help you get what you want. My friend, who acquired 8A+, 1A sacrificed her sleeping hour just to revise & complete her homework. She said it herself that she is not gifted, but what she's got today is bought with merely hardwork & Allah's help. So keep in mind, in whatever situation you are, to be a great people, you gotta stop checking your phone regularly & start working your ass up. Its gonna be hard & strenuous, no one said its gonna be easy but learning is a jihad. So let me ask you something, is there any jihad in the world thats easy?

For those who doesnt achieve what you have targetted, dont be sad. Hey keep your chin up & smile. Its only a bad day, not a bad life bak kata ezzat eddy. You still have a loooooong journey to go & this doesnt mark the end of your inshaAllah exciting journey of life. You have done your best! Maybe Allah has better plans for you in the future. Not even a person, should feel disregarded by God, take this as a blessing instead. Maybe, Allah is saving you from riya'? Or maybe this is gonna be a lesson thats going to boost your spirit up & who knows you'll perform better at the university, even better than your friends who got straight A's. & for those who has achieved good result, congratulations & keep it up!! Help the ummah, our religion with your creative ideas & critical way of thinking. Be useful to the society & never ever ever look down on other people. You might be good now, but who knows what the future holds right? You might be on top of the wheel rn, but in any millisecond, with just kun fayakun, Allah could turn everything over & because of your arrogance, Allah might take back the nikmah that He has granted you.

18, has always been an age that i consider as big enough to be independant & to live on my own without anyone's consent. But to be frank, its not entirely true. I believe now that it is also an age where you need to seek for older ppl's advices more than when you were a child, regarding life, love, academic & religion. I often feel confused about how life really is, & how dreadful the world could be if youre too vulnerable & fragile. As i work, i meet a lot of ppl with various personalities & appearances. Some with nasty, disgusting demeanor that could make everyone vomit with their annoyance, some are very heart-warming, kind-hearted & lovely. Some could be both, yknow hypocrites. & i also discover that random act of kindness could really cheer someone up. It might be a small action, but its impact to other ppl's life are just amazing! For example, you as a customer greet the cashier with a smile & talk politely like friends, it is enough to make him/her feel good because you dont know what kind of customers that she has faced with the whole day. Some might act shitty upon him/her, talk without manner, with imprudence & arrogance decorates their already bad attitude. So even a smile, a sincere one, could literally lighten up someone's day, even if youre the only one who treat him/her that way. Also remember, what you give you get back. You might be shitty & downgrade someone today & in the future, you'll encounter somethig worse. Do not frown because you deserve it.

Oh my god i have so much more to share but i guess it would be available on the next post! Thank you so much for reading & i wish you guys a happy day!

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