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beyond grateful
Posted on Sunday, 21 May 2017 @ 02:22 with 0 comment(s)

it has been awhile. & in just a blink of an eye, im gonna be a university student. alhamdulillah i was accepted to further my studies at ukm, bangi. some of u might wonder why did i choose ukm, why didnt i apply to any scholarship & why is my first choice ukm & not um? okay, to be frank, i have always wanted to major in medicine (dentistry is still in consideration) & most scholarship does not support students who wants this course anymore. & there must be a reason why Allah tetapkan hati i untuk tak apply scholarship, i believe in Him. so for upu, why ukm? because when i am in asasi pintar, i will inshaAllah tetap berada in ukm even for my degree & for housemanship nanti terus ke hukm so i dont have to wait for too long. or maybe this is my own justification to choose ukm, i dont know & im totally unsure of what the future holds but one thing for sure is, i am beyond happy & glad that i got ukm alhamdulillah.

so, a lot of things happened ever since i left my high school life. & the valuable experiences that i have encountered will surely be one of my guidances as im entering another phase of my life. inshaAllah, i want to be a better person, struggle reallllll hard because as u know, foundation is not easy & theres no such thing as relaxing & procrastinating once u are a foundation student. it will surely be strenuous & tiring but i believe, with Allah's help, everyone's sincere prayers & my efforts, everything will be eased, amiin. lets hope for a better change & a better me in the future hehe. (but yknow, i am kinda excited to encounter this new journey of life & to gain acquaintances, gain knowledge & experience, & be close to the Almighty). well, i actually miss being a student once again! ❤️

note for self;

  • do not easily fall in love or have a crush on someone because its gonna be a big distraction for you.
  • ask for Allah's help in everything you do.
  • do not forget to call your family everyday to ask for their blessings.
  • do not play around. this is the time to give your full commitment & stay focused.

i am curious of whats gonna happen but excited as well!! lets pray so that i wont be stressed out & enjoy everything but still in the right track & path towards my goal inshaAllah amiiin ya rab.

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