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minggu mesra pelajar 17/18.
Posted on Friday, 26 May 2017 @ 07:39 with 1 comment(s)

Hey there lovelies, assalamu'alaikum!
So i have gone through 3 days as an Aspi student, & i am beyond grateful for everything alhamdulillah. In the minggu mesra pelajar, we the new students were introduced to everything regarding the challenges, obstacles & convenience as an aspi student. Not to forget, we were given the opportunity to know each other well & honestly speaking, i can't help feeling insecure & nervous. These guys & girls are absolutely outstanding, superb & tremendous! We're going to start our academic session next week, oh my god its very nerve-wrecking to start up a new life because yknow, although i am the alumni of mrsm, the life that im going to face as an asasi student at ukm, is going to be divergent to what i've been through before as a boarding school student back in mrsm.

I always have self-doubt if im going to excel in this foundation program. I hate self-doubts. You know when they say we are our own biggest critics, they are hella true.

But then, I believe, every single thing that im encountering with at the moment has all been planned by Allah, the Almighty. & who could ever doubt Him, the best of all planners. Being in a new place, meeting new people, gaining new knowledge, makes me realize how small i actually am as a human being. There's not even a small room provided for us to be arrogant nor presumptuous & assume that we are better than every single creature living in this globe. I am grateful to be out of my comfort zone. Before this, i might be a prodigy who only memorizes everything written on the textbook, be a bookworm & excel in the examination but here in aspi, there will 8 subjects that affects our cgpa & what amazes me more is the aspi students are prepared mentally & physically on how to survive as an excellent student. Not only we need to do well in our chemistry, biology, physics, statistics & logical reasoning examination, but we will also have the jati diri, research skills & apresisasi bahasa dan kesusasteraan which requires you to be active & get involved with all of the activities instead of simply acquiring great marks in exam. There's going to be a lot of activities & events held, like social experiments, khidmat masyarakat, make short videos, be active &approachable by the peers & lecturers, conducting a research & many more! & i am very excited to start everything soon.

Allah gave you a beautiful life. Dont waste it being sad over something that will pass in time. He's always got something planned.

I know & i am aware that this one year of asasi pintar is going to be hard & strenuous but i believe an exciting journey awaits us ahead, insya-Allah. I hope aspi batch of 2017/2018 is going to be outstanding & unique. Success is a collective effort, we, as a batch need to be selfless & ready to help each other out in times of needs. Anyway, happy fasting to all muslims!! Lets take this opportunity to be closer to the Almighty, to leave out sins & be a better khalifah in this world. :)


Anonymous Anonymous said on 23 June 2017 at 02:34 

Omg.. you are now student asasi pintar ukm ke??? Mannn.. i got the same asasi as yours.. but takpi.. all the best!

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