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Social Experiment
Posted on Saturday, 15 July 2017 @ 17:22 with 0 comment(s)

Assalamu'alaikum and hey lovelies! <3
It has been awhile since I last posted any post, & as usual, I could not keep my blog updated due to my busy & hectic schedule. & since it's Saturday, and since I have not yet got the guts to go & complete all those assignments & homeworks & lab reports, I guess it doesn't hurt to tell you whats been happening in my life rn.

Yesterday, my group & I (ciku's group) went to the housing area near smk jalan reko at bangi to conduct a social experiment regarding racism & boy, it was beyond amazing i tell you, literally! We first arrived at 1630 or something & we stayed at a stall for our very last discussion before starting anything & guess what, the owner of the shop gave us free food & drinks! I even got the opportunity to chit-chat with the owner; she was very very friendly & amiable & kind oh only God could reply her kindness towards us. So, we went to perform our 'Asar prayer first before we proceed. At first, we did not know where to start, i mean, we had everything planned but it doesn't seem to go on very smoothly, but only then did i realize that Allah has planned something better for us. We bumped into an indian kid & had him as our very first candidate for our interview & it turned out well! Our second third & fourth attempt was not so good, some parents were hesitant to let us interview their kids; probably because there are way too many kids-kidnapping-cases & we dont blame them for being cautious, but then alhamdulillah we saw a bunch of school kids playing basketball at a court & decided to interview them! They were indeed very cheerful & playful! We had so much fun being there & the feelings was ya Allah only god knows how grateful I was to meet them. Then we started searching at another area & it was almost 7pm, we thought we couldn't make it because it was almost dark but alhamdulillah once again, Allah ease everything for us. We found a bunch of kids playing in front of a house & the interview session went by smoothly, not as planned but better. The parents of those kids sell burgers in front of the house, so we bought 8 for every person of our group members for dinner. We ate, talked & shared many experiences & facts about ourselves; its amazing how close we could be in a short period of time!

the boys & the kids

I just realize that in this world, there are so many kind people. Like the owner of the stall that gave us free food, some mak cik & pak cik at the surau that we met that treated us just like their own kids! Also, those innocent kids make me realize how rotten our world is & how it will influence them. There's so many things thats going to happen & i hope this journey will be enjoyable & happening. 

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